Stainless and Resin Memorial Teardrop Urn Pendant with Dried Flowers - Cremation Jewelry - Ash Necklace - Urn Necklace - Vial Necklace - G8


Please note that all orders currently have a 2 month production time after ash collection kit is received back to us.

The perfect gift to commemorate an angel baby, a pet, or a lost loved one. Pendant is made from stainless steel, epoxy resin, and dried flowers. You will receive the EXACT pendant shown. We have opted to list them individually since they vary so much in pattern and color. They measure approximately 1" from the top to the bottom.

Comes with 24" stainless steel cable chain and fill kit.

📌These urns are the type that can be filled at home and do not require you to ship any ashes to my studio. They are suitable for use with pet or human ashes, as well as soil, glitter, petals, sand, tiny cuts of fur or hair, etc. I include a fill kit with your purchase that has instructions, a funnel, superglue, and a tiny screwdriver (If your urn has a side screw and not a loop screw). If you have any questions about how much ash this piece will hold, please don't hesitate to ask. Some have larger chambers than others so we would like you to be aware. We ask that you superglue them shut and wait 24 hours before wearing. Thanks!

Shipping times vary based on where you are located. Orders in the United States will ship approximately 2 months after your Ash Collection Kit is recieved. We usually ship kits within 1-3 busniess days of you placing an order. Kits take anywhere from 2-5 business days to arrive in the United States and up to 3 weeks for international customers. The same shipping times can be expected for your final piece once it is completed.