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I would like to start by saying that if you are here, I am deeply sorry for your loss. I strive to create the easiest possible ordering process, and highest quality items to help you through this time. Please follow these detailed steps to ensure the best possible experience with your jewelry order. ❤

❖STEP 1: Please purchase your collection kit. You can find the link here:

I would like to start by saying that if you are here, I am deeply sorry for your loss. I strive to create the easiest possible ordering process, and highest quality items to help you through this time. I put together a very organized collection kit that I send with every order so you can have the peace of mind knowing your ashes are handled with the utmost care. These items do not require a large amount of ash. We only ask that you send one teaspoon per 5 items. Each order comes in a lovely shipping box, as well as a gift box for each item.

If you are in need of items containing human ashes, please visit my website ( as Etsy strictly prohibits the sale of these items.

This piece measures 10mm. These are considered waterproof, but we do not recommend wearing them in chlorine pools, or exposing them to chemicals (perfumes, cleaners, etc.)

Color options:

Glitters, additives, and customer photos:

Natural - No tint, enamel is clear and ashes are visible. Ashes vary in color from white, to beige, brown, black, or grey when choosing natural. They tend to look slightly darker once the enamel is applied. The finish for these is completely dependent on the color of the ashes you send and are completely one of a kind.

"Stone" finishes:
Colors S1-S8 mimic fur colors and looks like granite/faux ash when finished.

UV Reactive/Glow in the Dark Colors:

Jelly Opal Colors:

Opaque vivids: These can be made with or without the natural ash visible. Please contact me to find out how many colors can be used for your piece due to it's size. Patterns vary greatly and always come out in a completely unique way.

Pearl shimmers:
Virtually any color, please specify or send photo example. Can use up to three for a swirl/tie dye effect as long as the piece is over 3/4" in size. Smaller pieces can use up to two.

Liquid color tints with micro glitter shimmer:
Ruby Red, Magenta, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Gold, Teal Green, Emerald Green, Forest Green, Royal Blue, Capri Blue, Amethyst, Black.

🌙Actual Moondust! Purchase upgrade using this listing:
Add on at least .1 grams of lunar meteorite dust mixed in with your cremation ashes. The dust we are using is an authenticated sample from NWA 5000, the largest lunar meteorite ever found on the North West African Lunar Highlands.
Find out more about NWA 5000 and why it is so extraordinary here:

This piece contains ACTUAL ashes. This requires shipping your ashes to my studio. You will receive a shipping notification shortly after purchase, which will be the collection kit on it's way to you. There is a prepaid envelope (for US buyers) as well as a permission slip that needs to be filled out with your final color choice and signed. Please fill the tube in your kit with 1 teaspoon of ashes and send it back at your earliest convenience. Your shipping time for your finished piece will start when I receive your ashes.

If you would like, we can scatter any remaining ash in the ocean of San Diego where we live. :) We take a trip about once a month and scatter them at this location:
Please let us know your preference on your permission slip that will be in your ash collection kit.

This process is done completely by me in my studio in San Diego, California.

*color may vary slightly per monitor. If you have any questions or need me to text you photos/videos of a color in different lighting before you decide, please let me know. Please make sure you are 100% sure of your color before your piece is made, as there are no refunds due to color choice.

We look forward to serving you!

📌All photographs, descriptions, waivers, and custom designs are ©Sugarberry Memorials. We do not authorize use of any digital materials to any third parties for resale of our products. If you are a funeral home, please contact me prior to making a purchase on behalf of a client. Thank you!